A complete solution for soldering.


If you want to solder your own PCB, this kit can be of great help for you. This package consists of :

 - Lodestar Soldering Iron - 60W
- Soldering Stand
- Soldering Lead-0.8mm
- Solder Resin
- Wire Cutter
- Sucker

Also collect our power supply kit. That kit contain a breadboard friendly power supply PCB with necessary components. So what are you waiting for!!


Note: components of the kit might look a bit different as our stock rotates.

Question & Answer

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Q: I only get the bottom part of the Soldering Stand. Don't you provide the top silver part with the kit? Questioned by torifat, 11-Jun-2013

We provide the same thing that is shown in related products. If you haven't got it, we are extremely sorry for your inconvenience. Please drop a mail at customer service. Answered by Fahad Mirza, 13-Jun-2013 02:16 AM

Hope you have got it by this time. Answered by A.R, 13-Jun-2013 10:11 AM

Q: which Soldering iron will be given with this package ?? Questioned by saadman672, 10-Oct-2014

40W low price edition. Answered by A.R, 11-Oct-2014 10:13 AM

Q: If you buy all these items separately it will cost only 801.94 taka Questioned by Reddhi, 13-Dec-2014

Q: Adding some few more other things like voltmeter & ammeter would be nice ;) :> Still, I've purchased this. Good service here, Love this site <3 Questioned by tnowroz, 12-May-2015

Q: the 6 items separately costs tl 595.82, but this kit is 859tk... how come? Questioned by annexoid, 05-Mar-2016

Q: what is the voltage rating of soldering iron Questioned by Bikrom, 05-May-2016

Voltage: 220V~240V AC Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 05-May-2016 11:50 AM

Q: is this for smd and pcb Questioned by Bikrom, 05-May-2016

Yes. You can. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 05-May-2016 11:51 AM

Q: This is still available right? :) Can I use it for soldering new parts for the pcb of my xbox controller? Questioned by MirzaGalib, 21-Oct-2016

Q: Hi, when will this kit become available again? Questioned by kintaro, 12-Mar-2017

Hopefully 2 more days. Answered by A.R, 14-Mar-2017 12:30 PM

Q: The soldering iron I got with this kit doesn't properly work. I leave the iron to get hot for 5-10 minutes and it still doesn't get hot enough to melt solder. Questioned by Rafi_Seven, 01-Apr-2017

What is your order id? Answered by A.R, 02-Apr-2017 15:47 PM

This is it, #135658. Answered by Rafi_Seven, 03-Apr-2017 11:41 AM

To clarify, this is the voucher no. Is this what you are asking for? Answered by Rafi_Seven, 03-Apr-2017 11:44 AM

Q: What is a sucker Questioned by Rafsun.devil49, 10-Jul-2017

https://www.techshopbd.com/product-categories/soldering/995/solder-sucker-techshop-bangladesh Answered by A.R, 11-Jul-2017 11:13 AM

Q: good Questioned by bobbyroy, 03-Mar-2018

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