Arduino Compatible Color LCD 1.8 inch

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This is a color LCD breakout board. It requires only 3 pins to get it working. The LCD is 3.3v device with built it level converter. Power up the device with 3.3v supply of arduino.

This product is brought to you by Techshop's embedded marketplace venture. This is developed by Mohammed Rezwanul Islam. Please check the documents section for user manual and sample code.


• 1.8” diagonal LCD TFT display.
• 65K color.
• 160 x 128 pixels.
• IO pins are 5V compatible, built in level converter.
• 3 pin SPI digital interface.
• Example codes are included.
• Library has text and geometric functions.
• Requires only 3 IO of the micro-controller to drive the LCD.
• LCD dimension 44mm x 34 mm.

Question & Answer

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Q: Can i contact Mr. Mohammed Rezwanul Islam? I need some information regarding pinout of the display to use it on the raspberry pi. Questioned by KhairulHasanmd, 19-Aug-2015

His e-mail address: Answered by A.R, 23-Aug-2015 10:05 AM

Q: screen dimension the display square shaped? Questioned by saad589, 30-Mar-2016

The display is rectangular. 1.8 inch diagonal. 160x128 pixels. Answered by shuzon, 31-Mar-2016 23:01 PM

Q: I have bought one last month. connected it to my Arduino Leonardo as your user manuel suggests, uploaded your Demo-1.ino sketch, but nothing shows up on the screen. the backlight remains on though.... I ve tried uploading the Demo-2.ino, Demo-3.ino .... but all in vain . whats wrong ? Questioned by tareq, 28-Apr-2016

Please test the device with atmega328 based arduino."Arduino Leonardo" is not very popular and i have optimized the code for atmega328 only. Please mail me: and i'll solve your issue. Answered by shuzon, 28-Apr-2016 19:27 PM

Is there a way to feed an analogue video signal to this display? Answered by AzimAlif, 03-Jul-2018 21:00 PM

Q: A video about the capabilities of the display... Questioned by shuzon, 20-May-2016

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