Why Magic of Magnet  science box is necessary for your children? 

  • They will be able to do 26 exciting experiments of Magnet.
  • They will be able to make new experiments and participate in science fairs.
  • They will stop memorizing and start learning science. 
  • All of these experiments are associated with different chapters of their science books.
  • They will have clear conceptions about the science  experiments they are doing. 


What theories they will learn about Magnet? 

  1. Attraction and repelling 
  2. Effect of geo-magnet
  3. Magnetic field lines 
  4. Magnetic and non magnetic substance. 
  5. Magnetization
  6. Curie temperature
  7. Domain theory
  8. Electromagnet


Do the experiments have similarity with text books?

Yes, all of the experiments are from text books of class six to ten. It does’nt matter at what age you will give him the science box. He will learn science with fun, and always will be one step ahead! 

Will children be able to do the experiments by their own? 

Yes. Because there are Manual books and CD in the box. The instructions are very clear, and by following them, children will be able to do the experiments by their own easily.


Apparatus of Magic of Magnet are:-

  1. Bar Magnet 
  2. Neodymium Magnet
  3. Compass 
  4. Switch 
  5. James clip 
  6. Ring Magnet 
  7. Toy crocodile and superman 
  8. Pencil 
  9. Motor 
  10. Reed switch 
  11. Foam 
  12. Egg shaped magnet 
  13. Ring Magnet Etc. 


What can be done with these? 

Total 26 experiments of magnet can be done using the basic formulas of magnet.

The experiments are-

  1. Magnetic Field
  2. Making Compass
  3. Magnetic switch
  4. Attraction-repulsion 
  5. Find the directions
  6. Power of repulsion 
  7. All the glitters is not magnetic
  8. Build your own magnetic 
  9. Build a tiny little compass 
  10. Destroy the power of magnet 
  11. Time and tide wait for none 
  12. Discover the poles 
  13. Magic motor 
  14. Daddy magnet-Baby magnet 
  15. Shift something, but don’t touch 
  16. Increase the power of electromagnet 
  17. Jumping cable 
  18. Motor-generator 
  19. Interesting game- Flying superman 
  20. Interesting game-Catching fish is fun 
  21. Interesting game- Crocodile Game 
  22. Interesting game- True or false
  23. Interesting game- Magnetic song 
  24. Project Idea- Magnetic scale
  25. Project Idea- Slow motion magic
  26. Project Idea- Calling bell 


We hope, and sincerely believe that as a responsible and concerned parent you will give the Magic of magnet  science box to your children to sharpen their intelligence.  

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