Onnorokom Science Box (Focus Challenge)

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Focus Challenge Instruments

  • This kit has 1 circuit boards
  • 2 batteries to make the board work
  • There are three metal wires, such as curved roads, that can be connected to the circuit board in different ways
  • And there are two loops
  • One is small, the other is big
  • If you can complete the challenge with a big loop, there is a small loop to make the challenge a little more difficult


Why did we create the Focus Challenge Kit?

One of the conditions for success in any work is the hundred percent attention, patience and perseverance. These three qualities do not come in easy way. Long habits can bring people to the same level of focus, patience and perseverance. There are two small and large loops. The challenge of focus is to take the wire inside the loop in such a way that there is no touch between the loop and the wire. You have to lose the challenge immediately after the touch, and start again from the beginning. Yes, and through this play your child will develop in-mindfulness, patience and perseverance.

What can be done with focus challenge

Focus can be done by placing one of the three curved metal wires on the circuit board with a large loop and then completing the first loop with a small loop. In this way, the challenge can be accomplished by placing the remaining two curved metals in the same way as two small loops.

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