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Automatic Water Pump Controller Price in Bangladesh

 After long-term product testing and depending on huge customer feedback analysis, TechShopBD recently launched their developed product named Automatic Water Pump Controller at a reasonable price in Bangladesh.

You will get a 1-Year Service Warranty for this product. Please don’t miss to check, the warranty and replacement policy for any further queries.



This is a microcontroller-based water pump control system, to ensure uninterrupted water flow in your home and office. The device uses a multifunctional push button switch, to change the mode of operation.

Any short press, the controller immediately forced the pump to Manual ON and Manual OFF sequentially. On the other hand, a long press on the multifunctional push button switch will force the controller to Automatic Mode.

On the automatic mode of operation, the controller controls the pump depending on the water level of the upper storage tank as well as the reserve tank.

No wire is in touch with the water and this is fully risk-free. Because we can realize the value of your life.

The hole water-tank status can be monitored by the LEDs indication system of the controller. Thus you will be notified during Water-LOW, Water-FULL, Motor-ON, Motor-OFF, Operation-MODE, Manual-ON, Manual-OFF, and Error!

Best automatic water pump controller

Until now, any other water pump controller detects the water level by direct small current flowing in the water. Which is very risky. If any much current is drawn or the insulation failure occurs in the ac-to-dc transformer, thus live current passing through the water may be a danger to all of you.

So we have developed a controller, which uses no current flowing through the water, even no direct touching contactor.


Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 240V AC
  • Output Voltage: 240V AC
  • Sensor Type: Float Switch
  • Sensing: Storage Tank and Reserve Tank
  • Operating Mode: Automatic / Manual
  • Indication Type: LEDs
  • Casing Type: Metal


Installation Guided

All of the instructions, diagram, and necessary accessories list is mentioned in the User Manual. Which is completely written in Bangla.

Automatic pressure control switch for water pump

Always keep in mind, the Automatic Pressure Control Switch is not designed to control the pump based on the water tank. Which is only suitable for garden or car washing purposes used pump motor.

On the other hand, our controller is only suitable for water-tank-based pump motors.


It is strongly recommended by us to use Magnetic Contactor with the controller. Don’t try to make a connection without the contactor. The Automatic Water Pump Controller can deliver 240V AC output, but the output current is very small. Which is not enough to control the motor.

We have selected the output current of the controller, such it can provide the required current drawn by the Magnetic Contactor only.


We also want to mention that, the float switches and Magnetic Contactor is not included with the controller. You have to purchase it separately.

Need help?

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Input Voltage: 240V AC 

Output Voltage: 240V AC 

Sensor Type:  Float Switch 

Sensing: Main Tank & Reserve Tank

Operating Mode: Automatic / Manual 

Indication Type: LEDs

Casing Type: Metal 

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Q: Max Pump (Motor) load koto Ampere porjonto use kora jabe ? Jehetu Induction type load shehetu motor on korar sathe sathe 13-14 Amp porjonto chole jay amar. Eta use kora jabe amar bashay ? N.B: 2 HP er Submursible pump use korchi ami. Questioned by tanvir14ahmed, 25-Jul-2021

ডিভাইসটি যে কোন কারেন্ট রেটিং এর পানির পাম্প নিয়ন্ত্রনে ব্যবহার করা যাবে। তবে সেক্ষেত্রে অবশ্যই User Manual এ দেওয়া নির্দেশনা অনুসরন করতে হবে। অনুগ্রহ করে Documents ট্যাবে দেওয়া User Manual টি পড়ুন। যে কোন ধরণের সহযোগিতার জন্য যোগাযোগ করুন: 09 678 110 110 এই নাম্বারে। Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 26-Jul-2021 16:32 PM

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