Goot Soldering Iron - 40W

Model No: TOL-00002

TK. 916.99

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Category: Soldering

This compact,lightweight soldering iron with fine tip can be a very good but yet economic solution for your soldering works.

  • Maximum Power Rating:40W
  • Maximum Voltage Rating:240V AC,50/60Hz
  • Weight:50g
  • Length:208mm

Question & Answer

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Q: costly, ami 60W kinsi, 150tk die, ctg Questioned by towfiq.eee, 28-Feb-2013

These are high quality soldering iron. The one you are mentioning, we have those too. Here is the link: Answered by Fahad, 01-Mar-2013 00:31 AM

Sorry to put a negative comment, but I have bought the exact iron from ctg at 180tk. And the low cost edition you've linked was only 80tk. You should adjust the price. Answered by aazswapnil, 17-Sep-2013 03:13 AM

Even our buy price of this product is far higher than the price you have mentioned.May be in CTG, the vendors purchase it at a lower price.we don't know about the quality of those which are found in CTG but we can assure that this one is pretty good. Answered by A.R, 17-Sep-2013 10:19 AM

Q: would you please update the original pic of that product? please provide the brand name and the model number Questioned by saadman672, 24-Sep-2014

Current Brand :Goot, Model:KX-40R. Answered by A.R, 25-Sep-2014 09:46 AM

Q: thanks!! Questioned by saadman672, 25-Sep-2014

Q: Can you guys explain the difference between high quality soldering iron and low quality soldering iron ? I just broke my soldering iron accidentally and I want buy one but this website made me confused .... :( Questioned by Zoardar, 06-Jan-2016

Q: Is it still Goot KX40R? If not, what is the current model? Questioned by mirza_prangon, 19-Sep-2016

Goot. Answered by A.R, 20-Sep-2016 09:51 AM

Q: what i this Questioned by, 20-Jul-2023

It's soldering iron which is used for soldering component on circuit boards or any electrical circuit. Answered by almamun3248, 24-Jul-2023 15:39 PM

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