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Tiny and lightweight with high output power. Servo can rotate approximately 180 degrees (90 in each direction), and works just like the standard kinds but smaller. You can use any servo code, hardware or library to control these servos. Good for beginners who want to make stuff move without building a motor controller with feedback & gear box, especially since it will fit in small places. It comes with a 3 horns (arms) and hardware.

  • Weight: 9g
  • Dimension: 23x12.2x29mm
  • Stall Torque: 22.2 oz/in (1.6 kg/cm)
  • Operating Speed (4.8V no load): 0.12sec/60 degrees
  • Operating Voltage: 4.2-6V
  • Temperature Range: 0℃_ 55℃
  • Dead Band Width: 10us

Question & Answer

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Q: i would like to buy more powerful servo.. with metal gears. i want little like these also for model airplanes Questioned by KhairulHasanmd, 29-Aug-2012

We are collecting more powerful servo. Hopefully upload soon enough! Answered by Fahad, 19-Sep-2012 13:44 PM

Q: plz upload asap Questioned by Easir Arafat, 18-Oct-2012

We just collect some servo motors. Not these types. Will up tomorrow. Answered by Fahad, 19-Oct-2012 15:03 PM

Q: It is only 2.69 dollar in link- shipping cost is too high. Questioned by anikpro, 11-Apr-2013

First of all they are not the same product. This one is from Tower Pro. Secondly freight charge is freakingly high, believe me. And there is customs fee in Bangladesh. Try to understand the situation, the hassle we have been through. Still you think its high? :-( Answered by Fahad, 12-Apr-2013 06:47 AM

hah! bad luck. wish this situation will be improved. Answered by anikpro, 12-Apr-2013 11:01 AM

Q: Please give the current rating of the servo. Questioned by Jayanta Dey, 23-Nov-2013

Q: remove the second photo. It's a towerpro sg90 model servo. But second photo says it's a sg91r model servo. It's a bit confusing for us. give proper photo with model number. Questioned by anikpro, 19-Jul-2014

Q: i need this one,low speed, high torque. when it will be available? Questioned by palas, 17-Aug-2014

Q: When it will be available? [PLEASE ANSWER] I need it soon. Questioned by tahmidzu, 22-Sep-2014

We do not sell it now. We sell this one instead Answered by A.R, 23-Sep-2014 11:01 AM

Hey bro My confusion is that are the both servos same ? This servo and the sg91r servo -are they perfectly same ? Answered by Rakib_anam, 14-Dec-2015 13:56 PM

No. Not same. And we do not sell this anymore. Answered by A.R, 15-Dec-2015 03:55 AM

Ohh. But are both the servo 's function and features same ? Please reply Answered by Rakib_anam, 15-Dec-2015 09:14 AM

Q: Please make it available Questioned by MehrabHaq, 03-Apr-2016

This product will be available between next 7 days. You can select "Notify Me W/A" button from the product link this will automatically send an email to you, when this product is available. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 05-Apr-2016 09:33 AM

Q: Please make available Questioned by saad589, 25-Apr-2016

This product is already available. Please check it again. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 26-Apr-2016 10:45 AM

Q: koto thake koto degree ghurtay pare Questioned by shuvo77323, 24-Jun-2016

Q: ai servor vitorer surcit khulle fele die,program nakore, atake ki 3.7volte chalano possible?? Questioned by faizurrahman, 13-Jul-2016

Yes. If you remove the feedback circuit from the servo, then for 3.7V power supply the motor will just move but you can't control or hold the servo with a precise position. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 23-Jul-2016 04:19 AM

Q: Is the servo arm supplied with this product? Questioned by AtikAlMustahid, 11-Jan-2017

Yes. Answered by A.R, 12-Jan-2017 04:10 AM

Q: আমি এইটা কিনছি কিন্তু এটা ঠিক মত কাজ করছে না। এখন কি করব। Questioned by Shahoria, 11-Jan-2018

আপনার অর্ডার নাম্বার কত? সমস্যা কী? বিস্তারিত লিখুন। Answered by A.R, 13-Jan-2018 03:08 AM

অর্ডার নাম্বার: 145787. আমি যখন এটিকে আরডুইনো দিয়ে চালাই তখন এটি সঠিকভাবে না ঘুরে একটু আঁটকে আঁটকে ঘুরে। আবার যখন ১৮০ ডিগ্রি এর চেয়ে বেশি ঘুরাতে চাই তখন ১৮০ ডিগ্রি এর চেয়ে সামান্য বেশি ঘুরে আটকে যায় তখন ধ্বাক্কা দিলে চলে।কি করব বুঝতে পারছিনা। Answered by Shahoria, 14-Jan-2018 12:25 PM

এটা ১৮০ ডিগ্রী সার্ভো। ১৮০ ডিগ্রীর বেশি ঘুরবে না। আর একটু আটকে আটকে ঘোরার পেছনে একটি কারন হতে পারে পর্যাপ্ত পরিমাণ পাওয়ার না পাওয়া। অনুগ্রহ করে পাওয়ার সোর্স চেক করুন। Answered by A.R, 15-Jan-2018 04:26 AM

Q: Hello, Two of my SG90 servo motor(which are bought from this site) are spinning continuously. What could be the reason? Is there any chance that are continuous servo? Questioned by imaruf, 21-Jan-2019

Order ID Please. Answered by A.R, 21-Jan-2019 03:25 AM

Order #144192 Answered by imaruf, 21-Jan-2019 06:39 AM

Sorry! My servo are okay. Ground reference of servo power supply and Arduino was different, that's reason why servo are spinning continuously. Answered by imaruf, 22-Jan-2019 03:27 AM

Q: Daraz er moto discount cai please.. It’s too high price. Questioned by [email protected], 13-Apr-2022

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good product. made camera pan-tilt mechanism with this.


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