TSB Digital Timer

Model : MOD-00133

Supplier : Techshop Bangladesh

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Summary Digital timer.

TSB digital timer is an automatic time based controlling circuit.With this you can turn on and turn off a device.

This timer has to functions-Repeat Mode(No), Repeat Mode(Yes). In Repeat Mode(No), the load is turned on

after a  definite time. IN  Repeat Mode(Yes), the load is turned ON and OFF consecutively. The timer can also

count how many times the load has been turned ON and OFF.

1)Can be operated in both DC and AC.

2)Input=8V to 30V

3)Input reverse voltage protection system

4)Maximum load upto 240V, 10A

5)Gives a signal 10Second before the predefined time.

6)3-pin connector for Warning sound speaker control.

7)3-pin connector for backlight control of LCD.

8)Operating Current: 550mA

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AAKALAMGIR | Mar 20,2017 at 08:19 PM
খুব ভালো ১টা পোডাক কিনতু বিদ্যুত চলে গেলে আবার নতুন করে করতে হয়,এটার কি কোন ব্যাটারী ব্যাকআপ দেয়া যায়,কি ভাবে,একটুকরো জানাবেন আমার আরো ১টা লাগবে,কিনতু ব্যাক আপ ছারা নয়। বিদ্যুত চলে গেল একই জায়গাতে থেমে থাকলে ও হবে।
Tanvir14ahmed | Aug 12,2017 at 11:38 PM
Apni Series_e 5V DC rechargeable battery (Powerbank) use korte paren.
2 hr minimum Backup paben.
Tanvir14ahmed | Aug 12,2017 at 11:41 PM
Sorry, 9V hobe.
Azadbsrm | Sep 29,2017 at 11:20 AM
TSB Digital Timer ar moto Digital counter hobe,ami set kore debo after counting horn active hobe....
A.R | Oct 2,2017 at 09:47 AM
We do not make customized product.

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