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OPAMPs [ 16 Found ]
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  • LM358 OPAMP

    LM358 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00025
    Green 54 Available

  • LM324 OPAMP

    LM324 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00026
    Green 115 Available

  • LM386 OPAMP

    LM386 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00021
    Green 38 Available

  • LM741 OPAMP

    LM741 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00053
    Supplier : Made in China
    Green 98 Available

  • HA17741 OPAMP

    HA17741 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00018
    Green 85 Available

  • CA3130 OPAMP

    CA3130 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00045
    Supplier : Made in China
    Green 46 Available

  • TDA2822 OPAMP

    TDA2822 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00019
    Green 22 Available

  • LM301 OPAMP

    LM301 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00022
    Green 64 Available

  • TL084 OPAMP

    TL084 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00017
    Green 22 Available

  • TL074 OPAMP

    TL074 OPAMP

    Model : AIC-00024
    Green 18 Available

Items 1 to 10 of 16 Total
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