3.2 Inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C) Shield

Model : ARD-00106

Supplier : Techshop Bangladesh

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Arduino Mega 2560 shield for “3.2 inch 320x240 Touch LCD (c)”

Tired of working with 16 x 2 LCD? Tired of using too many buttons? Then this module is just for you. This is a Arduino Mega Shield, which should be used to communicate between 3.2 inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C) (link) and Arduino Mega 2560 (link).

“3.2 inch 320x240 Touch LCD (c)” is a very popular TFT display with resistive touch pad attached to it. But there is only one problem: the display itself is NOT Arduino friendly. It runs on 3.3V whereas most of the Arduino use 5.0V I/O. Meaning: it’ll fry your display, the moment you hook it up. Another problem is, you need a lot of wiring and ICs to properly work with the display. One of those connections can destroy your whole project. So, we built a compact Arduino Mega 2560 Shield. Just sandwich this module in between Arduino Mega and “3.2 inch 320x240 Touch LCD (c)” and download our library. Example code will guide you through the details.

For higher resolution images click on this link.

For libraries and tutorial in Bengali, please see the 'documents' section. 

Board Power Supply


MAX Voltage


Supported Arduino Boards

ONLY “Arduino Mega 2560”


Supported TFT LCD

ONLY “3.2 inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)”


Resolution of TFT LCD


Touch type

Resistive Touch

Total I/O pins needed


Number of I/O pins needed for TOUCH


Number of I/O pins needed for DISPLAY


DC Input Max Current


Supported Microcontrollers

Not supported


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