Type: Short Course

Course Fee: BDT 2500.00

Course duration: 2 Day(s)

Session(s): 4



Arduino Fundamentals for Professionals

Course Prerequisite:
  • Basic knowledge on programming
  • Basic knowledge on Electronic Components


Course Curricula:

Day -1: Session -1

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Arduino Board and I/O description
  • Overview of electronics components and sensors
  • Installing Arduino IDE
  • Structure of Arduino sketeches

Day -1: Session -2

  • Arduino code syntax (loop, If else statement, function etc…)
  • Writing a Simple Program
  • Programming with digital I/O (switch & LED)
    • Wiring up LEDs and turning them on and off
    • Wiring up switches and push buttons
    • Events and Actions - Deciding what to do when a button is pressed or a switch is turned on
  • Timers and Their Uses
  • Doing more fancy things with multiple buttons and multiple LEDs


Day-2: Session-1

  • Programming with analog I/OAnalog to Digital Conversion
    • Configuring pins for analog input
    • Capturing analog values
    • Reading a variable potentiometer by measuring the voltage across it
    • representing an integer value in binary
    • displaying an integer value in binary using a bank of LEDs
  • Controlling power output using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
    • The Arduino analog output as a PWM output
    • Using PWM to vary the intensity of an LED
    • Using a variable potentiometer to dim and brighten LEDs by converting its resistance to a suitable PWM analog output value
  • Driving devices
    • Low voltage DC motors
    • Relays

Day-2: Session-2

  • Serial communications Introduction to RS232
    • How the RS232 port of the Arduino microcontroller communicates with the PC over a USB connection
    • Using RS232 for communication between an Arduino and a PC
    • Interfacing EEPROM with Arduino
  • Interfacing LCD Display with Arduino
  • Various Arduino shield
  • Projects/Assignments



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